Mutual Relationship Mapping

Imagine if…


…in just a single working day—eight hours of your time—you could discover how to tighten the relationships between team members, eliminate wasted effort, and strengthen commitment and accountability. Would you do it?

Work Sharing RelationshipsMutual Relationship Mapping™ (MRM) does exactly that. A one-day experience that brings together individuals from across different functions and levels, MRM provides unique and long-lasting results.

MRM is based on a simple yet powerful premise: every one of us—without exception—needs things from others in our organization, and every one of us—without exception—provides things to others in our organization. We are all “customers” and we are all “suppliers.” When we identify the things we need and give—when we “map” these “mutual relationships”—we can clearly identify what works best across our organizations, and what we can do to make things work even better.

Beneath this premise are supporting layers; we call them The TEAMS Foundations, and they include some of the most important concepts in business. How to share knowledge, for example, and how get past the myth of “communication problems.”

Mutual Relationship Mapping provides incredible benefits, and it only takes a day. How can any organization afford not to try it?

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